Who Gets It All Done

Meet the team that makes it all happen.

James Dieghan

James Dieghan

Managing Partner
No soul is a match for his productivity, drive, and stamina while acting as a professional world-traveler and father of two. James helped pioneer the global Experiential Marketing landscape through large-scale events, powerful initiatives and ground-breaking strategy. James puts relationships at the top of his priority list and is unrelenting when it comes to following through on his word. As a long-standing partner of Highline, He has built meaningful and lasting partnerships with brands such as Anheuser-Busch, NBC, Audi, Vail Resorts and many more. James is also known for booking A-list talent and working with artists such as Kid Rock, Ben Harper, Counting Crows, Pit Bull, Wilco, O.A.R, Train, Zac Brown Band and hundreds of others.
Katie Tille

Katie Tille

Executive Producer
Katie is one badass chick! She can steady a boat in the office or on the production line, and keep it sailing straight until its destination. With a background in special events, she knows how to woo just about anyone with her wit, determination and savvy style. Katie has worked with our most demanding partners for many years. Her professionalism allows her to successfully manage and fulfill upon their requests, and to produce seamlessly executed experiences no matter what unexpected storms come her way. We have begged her to share her secrets, and concluded that the artificial parts in her heart, brain and knee must have something to do with her abilities.
John McGuire

John McGuire

Business Development
John’s fun-loving personality and his passion for what we do keeps our team rolling when we are running out of energy or need a new idea. His diverse industry experience in account management and event production allows him to see various perspectives in every situation. John is able stay focused on the task at hand and brings each piece of the puzzle together as a whole. Just when things seem to be operating smoothly, he kicks us up a notch, pushing us to the next level and inspiring our team to be great.
Chris Dolan

Chris Dolan

Director of Client Services
A go-to guy for new concepts, creative strategy and thoughtful, logical solutions, Chris spent 10 years as an Account Director at The Integer Group managing a powerful team. His experience working with properties like NFL, NASCAR, and the U.S. Olympic Committee gives him a limitless vision for what our team can accomplish. Chris’ eyes and ears are always out there looking to bring new, exciting ideas and brands to our attention. He is easy-going, sharp and has a great sense of humor.

Myriah Blair

Finance Manager
Myriah is our accounting nerd. She leads our team through the financial maze that is experiential, keeping a close pulse on our efficiency and budget management. With four kids at home, a team of ‘crazy kids’ at work, and various athletic endeavors on the side, she never backs down from a challenge. Myriah learned accounting when she was 14 years old and has past experience with a large property management company, several years in the tax industry and has owned a business. Though logical and calculated in the workplace, Myriah has an adventurous, daring and spirited personality. She brings light-heartedness to our team dynamic.

Natalie Biedermann

Marketing Manager
Natalie is never afraid to try something new. Her daring personality allows her to think dynamically when developing new ideas or solutions. She is very perceptive and won’t let things fall through the cracks. Natalie is reliable and will pick up the pieces when needed, while constantly looking for ways to improve productivity and efficiency. Her background in finance, account management and business development allows her to be analytical and deliberate, while her silly, adventurous side drives creativity.

Lucy McNamara

Associate Producer
Keeping a smile on her face every step of the way, Lucy is a diligent worker and willing to get her hands dirty. Despite tripping over her own feet on occasion, she will pull her weight in the ‘towline’. Lucy brings bundles of energy into each project she touches. After working in a boutique PR and marketing agency she has a unique perspective that elevates our team’s workflow. Lucy doesn’t take life too seriously, which is likely a result of her half Canadian heritage, eh?

Missy Johnson

Partnership Manager

Missy’s bubbly and refreshing personality makes everyone smile. She has a diverse background in marketing and partnership management. While keeping in touch with Highline’s existing partners, Missy constantly builds new relationships with a variety of brands. She is very sharp and keeps us looking ahead, always brainstorming ways for the team to continue improving. Missy loves to travel and has an extremely caring side, which is much appreciated by her pup, Seymore.

Peggy Wolfe

Executive Producer
Peggy is the mastermind behind many of our events’ success. The grace and skill with which she runs some of our largest events is a testament to her planning and efficiency. After working on some of the world’s largest events including the PGA Tour, Peggy is thoughtful and thorough, leaving nothing untouched or unseen. She enjoys a nice glass of red and some yoga to balance the chaos. On a good day, you might catch Peggy blasting and singing to ridiculous 90’s songs in the office.